Thank you for Making The Evening of Insight 2023 Fundraising Event a HUGE Success!

Our Evening of Insight 2023 fundraising event was a HUGE Success!!! What an amazing, fun and insightful evening we had, and we can’t wait for the 6th Annual EOI 2024 event. We want to say thank you to YOU…our Sponsors, Donors, Guests, Board Members, Speakers, Hosts, Volunteers and Staff Team members for making this event our best fundraiser yet! We are abundantly grateful for your support and your generosity, which will enable us to further our programs’ mission and message within our communities and schools.

The Evening of Insight 2022 fundraising event will be hosted by Darlene O’Brien, inspirational speaker and Freddie Silveria, auctioneer at FSA Auctions. Visit Freddie at and @FSAauctions on Facebook to learn more about his expertise and how he might help your organization.

An Evening of Insight 2023 fundraising event was hosted by Darlene O’Brien, inspirational speaker and Freddie Silveria, auctioneer at FSA Auctions.
Visit Freddie at and @FSAauctions on Facebook to learn more about his expertise and how he might help your organization.


Darlene Cullivan

Darlene Cullivan

The Gathering Inn
EOI 2023 –
“When one is invited to gain insight, increase understanding and broaden one’s perspective, growth occurs – at any age!  That’s what makes ATOU’s Evening of Insight so uniquely special. I was honored to participate and join such a tremendous organization’s efforts to educate and inspire. A Touch of Understanding strengthens communities as it provides youth, and all of us really, with the ability to welcome people of all abilities, remove blindfolds, and see with new eyes!”
Drisha Leggitt

Drisha Leggitt

Drisha Leggitt & Company Communications
EOI 2023 –
“Thanks and “way to go!” to Roxanne Snyder and the entire A Touch of Understanding staff and volunteers for hosting a fun and illuminating fundraiser: “An Evening of Insight!” (EOI)
The EOI event was not just about raising money; it was also about raising first person awareness of experiencing a disability. In our case, the guests donned blindfolds to explore what it might be like to eat a meal without sight.
Hint: It wasn’t easy!!
The magnificent Darlene O’Brien, ATOU inspirational speaker and long-time ATOU Board member, successfully guided us through the meal while sharing her own experiences of life with blindness.
The meal was outstanding; although, I confess I ended up eating most of it with my fingers!
Then, the ever amazing Freddie Silveria helped ATOU raise a ton of money through his enthusiastic auctioning skills – Mark Luhdorff and I were happy and proud to support the event and ATOU’s important mission.
ATOU has been helping children understand, appreciate and respect one another, despite differences for over 25 years. A Touch of Understanding provides disability awareness programs designed to educate a new generation to understand and empathize with the challenges associated with disabilities; and to accept and respect all individuals.
Thanks again, Winnie Comstock-Carlson for inviting us to join the Comstock’s magazine table; and way to go, ATOU team for executing an outstanding event that made us love and respect the organization even more!”
Gopal and Darlene Kapur

Gopal and Darlene Kapur

Family Green Survival
EOI 2022 –
“On March 31 of 2022, we were introduced to the fabulous team of devoted supporters at the A Touch of Understanding fundraising dinner and auction in Roseville.
It was a super WOW event!
The 200 dinner guests wore blindfolds while a sight-challenged speaker, Darlene, led us through our dinner. This unique experience gave the audience a touch of understanding into her world and that of over ten million blind and vision impaired Americans.
The auction that followed was expertly led by a dynamo auctioneer who had the eager audience laughing and bidding in his capable hands. Every aspect of the evening, from the efficient sign-in, to the placement of auction items, to the ATOU person at each table, was executed with grace, a sense of fun, and beautiful camaraderie.
We’ve made our reservation for next year’s event and plan on bringing friends and family to fill a table! We urge everyone to attend this special and worthy evening.”